Like many people, my journey into nutrition and wellbeing started after I had my own health issues. After I had my two gorgeous sons it was  go go go for a couple of years and then one day, I hit the decks. I was exhausted, couldn’t focus, had difficulty remembering things and had no energy.

As doctors said there was nothing wrong medically, I started looking into alternatives that might help me get back to myself. I attended the IINH to understand more about nutrition and how it may benefit me. It helped me look at not only the food I was fuelling (or not as was my case) my body with but at how I handled stress, exercise, sleep and review my overall lifestyle. It was a real eye-opener and the more I did it the more I understood myself and how my body reacted.

As I saw more and more people with similar issues I knew I wanted to help others. So I qualified as a Health & Nutrition Coach. I love working with clients to help them put a plan of action in place to achieve their nutrition and health goals. Looking at all aspects of their lives to create the wellness they deserve!

‘A coach supports a person or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance’. A health and nutrition coach supports their client to achieve their nutrition and wellness goals. Guiding and working with their client to help them put a plan of action in place. To achieve their goals and creating the wellness they deserve.
We are all unique and there is no one size fits all but everyone deserves to achieve optimum wellness. It’s important to look at our whole being. Nurturing our mind, body, and spirit. With food that is delicious but also nourishes us, learning to managing stress, getting enough sleep and exercise.  There are lots of great ways to help and work around your busy lifestyle at any moment in time. Once you develop your own tools even when you are not feeling the best you can sit back and say okay, I need to relook at what I am eating, how I am eating, when I am eating, stress, sleep, exercise etc. Mindful eating not mindlessly eating. That’s what I as a Health and Nutrition Coach do. Work with you to help you create the wellness you deserve, so you can be busy enjoying living.

Live, Laugh, Love

Live life to the full, Laugh as much as you can, Love what you eat!