Bone Broth by Crazy Bananaz Health and Nutrition
Bone Broth with lime, chili, and coriander Crazy Bananaz Health and Nutrition

Bone broth is very simple to make and it’s quite versatile. By using the chicken carcass after your Sunday roast also means nothing goes to waste. I would try and use free-range or organic chicken if you can. You can use it as a stock, as a lovely clear broth or noodle soup. The broth or noodle soup can be very nourishing for someone who isn’t well and not up to eating much.  Below are some variations on how to make it and use it.

Put the chicken carcass in a slow cooker or large pot with about 8/10 cups of water, some whole black and/or pink pepper kernels, an onion coarsely chopped (optional), 1 /2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (again optional if you dont have it), a few bay leaves. Cook for 6/8 hours on a low heat and strain. Divide into containers. 

For the broth. Heat in a saucepan and season with pepper and Himalayan or rock salt. When serving sprinkle with chili flakes, a good squeeze of lime and fresh coriander.

For the noodle soup. Cook noodles to packet instructions. Place the broth in a saucepan and season with pepper and Himalayan/ rock salt and add ½ teaspoon of oregano or nori flakes. You could then poach a small chopped up chicken fillet in the broth for 15/20 minutes until cooked. Then add in the cook noodles to the broth heating them through and serve.