I met someone recently and they said ‘what is it that you do? What is health and nutrition coaching?’ He then proceeded to talk about the pseudo science in nutrition, how “food doesn’t cure cancer etc.” While a tad taken aback, I realized he had a point. There is a lot of confusion around the whole area of nutrition.

While it’s great that people are more aware of health, fitness and what they eat, there is still the perception of being extreme. From ‘clean eating’, the rise in veganism, Instagramming every meal, fridge cleansing (this is a new one), Ironman competitions, etc. sometimes it feels like you have to be “in or out”.

When I started studying, I remember coming home after my first day of college and saying “I can’t do this, I can’t do extreme’” People were talking about courgetti (courgette made into spaghetti), spiralizers, and cleansing diets. I was totally overwhelmed and intimidated. It felt elitist and part of a club.  I then got a present of Dale Pinnock’s recipe books and I saw lovely, easy to make wholesome food that was really tasty. It wasn’t rocket science; it wasn’t pseudo science; it was just simple food that was good for you and made sense. I knew exactly why I was doing the course – I am passionate about food and about people’s wellbeing; not extremes, but balance.

Health and Nutrition coaching is based on the same concept of any coaching, be it fitness, life or work: Working with a person on a one to one basis to help put them back in control. In the case of Health and Nutrition, the focus is to review their wellbeing at this stage in their life. Looking at their work/life balance; how, where and what they eat; exercise, and any stressors. Sometimes we when we are deep in the forest we cannot see the woods for the trees. But when we look up and step back we can see how simple changes can complement our lives and help us to achieve optimum health and balance.

I don’t believe that everyone should cut out dairy and wheat, or that all carbs are evil and juicing is the only way to get optimum vitamins. I believe that some people have a genuine intolerance to some foods and when they cut them out they feel better. Some people bloat with pasta and bread, while others don’t. Juicing is a great and quick way to get some nutrients but our teeth are there for a reason. We should chew our food to prepare for digestion and not drink down our ‘food’.

I believe in a balanced approach to the food we eat. If you have to think about anything too much, then it becomes an obsession and any obsession, especially regarding food, is not healthy. Each of us is unique and therefore what works for one does not for the other. Many of us are thankfully in a position to buy and choose the food we eat. But a lot are not so fortunate so we should always be mindful and be thankful. Healthy and nutritious food should not be elitist, but an essential and accessible option for everyone. 

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